There’s no denying that COVID-19, a serious global pandemic, drastically catalyzed the process of digitalization. Due to restrictions, lockdowns, and the fear of the unknown, customers had to switch to digital in search of most products and services. It is interesting to note that the online penetration of retail is expected to reach 10.7% by 2024 compared with 4.7% in 2019. Moreover, online shoppers in India are expected to reach 220 million by 2025. 

Even though the numbers concerning COVID-19 go down, the pandemic has left a significant impact on consumer behavior. It has pushed most businesses to go digital, for example, many restaurants quickly adapted and switched to online ordering via scan the menu to order option. Additionally, platforms like Dotpe made it easy for local Kirana stores to digitize their inventory. With such a big shift, it naturally becomes extremely important for businesses to adapt to the new digital market space and strategize and assess the marketing approach and techniques to boost leads, brand recognition and awareness, demand, and sales online.

Here’s how a B2B Digital Marketing Agency can boost growth post-pandemic!

1. Carve your brand identity: With the saturation of the digital marketplace, standing out from your competitors through your online presence is becoming increasingly difficult. To convert those leads into customers, you need to be at the top of your digital game by regularly incorporating and adapting to the latest trends and technologies. 

2. Focus on content marketing: Content is the most slept-on marketing tool, but it has the potential to become the most effective and engaging one! This is why 47% of the businesses are now spending more than US $10k on their annual content marketing output. Traditional but effective B2B content marketing ways like blogs, whitepapers, researches, webinars, podcasts, etc can be experimented with to suit your niche and target audience the best. As content marketers, it’s necessary to create quality and informational content across the entire buyer journey to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

3. Make those ads “visible”: An average person gets bombarded with over 1,700 banner ads per month, but only sees half of them; Is your ad one of that unseen half? Assessing, analyzing, and then creating meaningful and effective ads with the right CTAs, strategies, messages, and content is the key to lead generation. Remember, great ad campaigns not only target ‘audience’ but emotions too!

4. Incorporate influencer marketing: B2B influencer marketing isn’t the same as getting famous people/influencers on social media to endorse your products/services. This is because B2B influencers aren’t restricted to social media platforms and blogs. They can be podcasters, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, keynote speakers, researchers, etc. The target audience in B2B models, are senior position-holders of organizations, therefore, to convince them to invest huge funds, you need to bring a trusted voice and face from the industry. Why not collaborate or do a paid partnership with a suitable influencer within your niche and reach out to the maximum target audience and boost sales for your business? 

5. Analyze data: Analyzing traffic on your website, design, content, social media pages, and SEO strategies during marketing campaigns is extremely crucial to keep a track of your business’s performance. This can help in finding out what is working out or what needs fine-tuning so that you can come up with better strategies, impactful messaging, and accurate targeting. 

To survive and thrive in a highly competitive and saturated digital market space, you need to bring your A-game when it comes to marketing. While the space is still new for you, a digital marketing agency can help you ace your digital marketing strategies with effective, focused targeting, content, design, and much more!

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